POLICY: Smoke/Fire Damper Check Out

PURPOSE: To ensure the proper operation of dampers through systematic inspection and check out.

RESPONSIBILITY: HVAC Subcontractor/Foreman

PROCEDURE: The Superintendent will check to ensure the following items have been completed and are accurate.

1. Assign each damper an identification number. Mark identification number on as built and fire alarm drawings.

Example: 2-B-6
2 = Fire Alarm Zone Number
B = Type of Damper
6 = Serial Number in Zone

2. List dampers on Damper Inspection Log. Enter model and manufacturer name.

3. When damper is installed, perform preliminary inspection as follows:

  • Damper presence and label.
  • Location of damper sleeve in relation to wall.
  • Proper metal stud framing (head, sill and jambs) complete with proper fasteners.
  • Accessibility of damper.
  • Installation is per manufacturing recommendations.

This check should occur before the drywall is installed around the damper sleeve and before retaining angles are installed. Enter initials of person checking and date checked on the check list and on the access door.

4. When the final installation check is made, inspect as follows:

  • Expansion joint in wall per manufacturer
  • Access doors
  • Proper location of pneumatic operator on smoke damper.
  • Linkage, binding and protruding screws on fire dampers.
  • Proper sealing of the drywall to the sleeve.

This checkout occurs after the controls are installed to the dampers. Enter initials of person checking and the date checked.

5. When the operational check is made, inspect as follows:

  • Retaining angles
  • Proper closing and opening of smoke dampers.
  • Proper closing of fire dampers. (Spot check some of them by burning the linkage.)

6. The operational inspection occurs after the fire alarm system is operational and should be done with the fire alarm checkout. Schedule this checkout to allow for correction time. Do not check smoke dampers solely by removing control tubing from pneumatic operator. Enter initials of person checking and date checked.

NOTE: The smoke dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers must shut in coordination with any alarm within the designated smoke zones. This must be coordinated with plans/specs and controls subcontractor while the above ceiling rough-in work is in progress.

7. Ensure compliance with this policy is required of the mechanical subcontractor through specific terms of the subcontract. The sub should assign the number and mark the dampers.

8. Furnish As-Built sepias and Inspection Log to the owner with identification number reordering data (size, label rating, type, model number, manufacturer, voltage).

9. Ensure the activities “Preliminary Damper Checkout” and “Final Damper Checkout” appear on the Near Term Schedule and are monitored.

10. File the completed copy in the “Miscellaneous” file book under “Smoke & Fire Damper Log.”

Code for Type of Device for Damper Installation

A – Fire Damper

B – Motorized Smoke Damper

C – Combination Fire and Smoke Damper

D – Control Damper


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